“Baby Face” Cheek Filler

2014 was the year that I really fell in love with cheek filler. I realised that replacing or enhancing cheek volume is, for many people, the best way to give a more youthful appearance

Rather than filling lines in damaged skin, with cheek filler we can replace fat pads that have thinned or dropped downwards as part of the ageing process. There are four great benefits from cheek augmentation with dermal filler:

  1. Better facial definition (the youthful bump between the cheek bone and the cheek beneath)
  2. Lifting of the nasolabial lines (look at your nose-mouth lines in a mirror while you pinch the skin overlying your cheek bone and you’ll see them disappear)
  3. Lifting of the “jowl” (similar to the nasolabial lines, cheek filler can have a pulling up effect here)
  4. Smoothing of the crows feet (yes, you can get toxin here instead, but it doesn’t have all the other benefits above!)

Interestingly there is a Daily Mail article which discusses some similar ideas to my own.

Read it here

Dr Michael David Aicken (Visage Aesthetics UK LTD / Visage Academy / Flourish Cosmetic App). Feel free to ask me a question on visageacademy@gmail.com