Fat-dissolving Injections (Aqualyx or Deso)

Dr. Michael Aicken has been using hyaluronic acid gel (dermal filler) to subtly enhance patients’ features for over 14 years. He has taught his own technique to thousands of trainees from around the world, including a masterclass in Aqualyx.

Aqualyx was developed for the reduction of stubborn areas of fat. It is NOT a weight-loss product, but rather, a treatment for stubborn pockets of fat remaining after weight loss OR reduction in small pockets of fat that have just ‘always’ been there. 

It’s a product that can be used on many areas of the body as a body contouring and skin tightening treatment. Aqualyx is a safe and effective fat dissolving treatment with long-lasting results. 

What does the fat dissolving treatment cost?

It’s £250 for one area – £450 for 2 areas. Areas include double chin, back of arms, upper back, lower back, abdomen, inner thighs, outer thighs, and knees. 

What is involved in this treatment?

Some patients will see results after just one treatment. Typically, the smaller the area, the quicker and more significant the results. For example, a small under chin area (double chin) will respond to less treatment than a large abdomen. Aqualyx comes in 8ml vials and the prices above are based upon using the maximum recommended doses (4 x 8ml vials for one area in one session). Treatment can be repeated every 4-6 weeks up to 8 times.

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Will it hurt?

We’ll apply an anaesthetic cream to your skin beforehand, so the injection process is not typically painful (according to the majority of our clients.) After approximately 30 minutes following the treatment, the area may look and feel a little sunburnt. This normally subsides within 8 hours. At this point, the product has dissolved all of the fat that it has come into contact with and is now inactive. The next step is that your body has to ‘clear up’ all of the broken down fat cells and resulting fluid that arises there as a result of the inflammation. This accounts for the downtime.

What is the downtime?

The fluid takes 1-4 weeks to disappear. The process can be sped up by maintaining a daily routine for compressing the area by wearing tight clothes like spanks or stockings (depending on the area treated), and / or completing lymphatic draining massage for a few minutes, 3-4 times per day.  After 4 weeks, you can decide whether or not you wish to repeat the cycle and dissolve away some more fat from that area.

Can you use Aqualyx everywhere?

Whilst you can use Aqualyx pretty much anywhere on the body, this is not a weight-loss treatment. Its main aim is to target stubborn areas of fat. So, if you feel like you have more than two/ three stubborn areas of fat, it may make more sense to try a more generalised method of fat reduction such as the boring old exercise and diet. Perhaps consider getting the advice of experts such as a personal trainer and / or nutritionist, if you have not been successful with these methods alone in the past.

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